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Localize Scribunto namespaces to Shan
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Please localize the following

$namespaceNames['sat'] = [
        828 => 'Module',
        829 => 'Module_talk',

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Urbanecm created this task.
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$namespaceNames['sat'] = [
        828 => '​မေႃႇၵျူး',
        829 => 'ဢုပ်ႇၵုမ်_မေႃႇၵျူး',

Change 467136 had a related patch set uploaded (by Urbanecm; owner: Urbanecm):
[mediawiki/extensions/Scribunto@master] Localize namespaces to Shan

Change 467136 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/Scribunto@master] Localize namespaces to Shan

I see there is an extra symbol in front of localized name. Is this normal?

I see there is an extra symbol in front of localized name. Is this normal?

What extra symbol are you referring to?

eg -
At that page, the addressbar of browser shown asမေႃႇၵျူး:Asbox

I think it should be shown asမေႃႇၵျူး:Asbox

And there is a small red dot symbol in front of localized module name.

Untitled.png (97×363 px, 3 KB)

URL can contain only ASCII characters. For that purpose, there is special process called URL-encoding (or percent-encoding) that encodes non-ASCII characters to ASCII characters. For example, a space is %20. Some browsers do not show the ugly encoded form, but if your browser does not, it is not a problem.

Regarding the dot, I have absolutely no idea what it does mean, but I copied the whole row to my clipboard and searched it on this page to ensure I copied the row correctly (from comment above, you might need to show old changes to see it) and it looks I did. Also the title of page you linked matches the correct localized namespace. Is there any specific issue with the page?

If I type "Module:Asbox" in searchbox and click go, it goes toမေႃႇၵျူး:Asbox as "မေႃႇၵျူး:Asbox".
If I type "မေႃႇၵျူး:Asbox" in searchbox and click go, it doesn't reach toမေႃႇၵျူး:Asbox and shown as page doesn't exist (reach to "Creating မေႃႇၵျူး:Asbox")

Please see below screenshot attachments.

2.png (478×827 px, 28 KB)

1.png (287×733 px, 10 KB)

Searching with localized namespace should be returned with same result, right? But it doesn't. Typing with localized namespace (eg. မေႃႇၵျူး:Asbox) goes to main namespace (as article page) not as Module namespace.

%E2%80%8B is a zero-width space. When they appear in situations like these, they usually have been accidentally copied from somewhere, or automatically inserted by some software. In this case, the character is incorrect and should be removed.