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Create sub-domain to provide SPARQL Query Service for ScienceSource project
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We are running a Wikibase site and need to allow users to use SPARQL to make queries.

We need a new subdomain of so we can create a web proxy to the SPARQL Query Service currently running on our Cloud VPS server instance.

Not being able to run a public SPARQL Query Service is currently a blocker for our project UX.

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I found this task without tags so added ScienceSource. Note, generally simple subdomains of are handled through a proxy and is self-service for project administrators.

Thanks for the reply @Krenair I will check whether we can handle this ourselves and close if so.

Thanks very much for the pointer @Krenair we were able to handle this.

We had a previous subdomain created for us by someone
so assumed that was the general procedure or convention.