Wrapper id consistency across skins
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Author: happy.melon.wiki

Currently, when trying to increase the specificity of CSS declarations; there is no consistent ID that can be used across all skins. Declarations like this:

#content span.PDFlink a,
#mw_content span.PDFlink a{

    center right no-repeat;
padding-right: 17px;


Need to include two separate ids to work in all skins, because there's such a mishmash of wrapper classes:

chick: globalWrapper, content, bodyContent
standard: content, article
cologneblue: content, article
modern: mw_content, mw_contentholder
monobook: globalWrapper, content, bodyContent
nostalgia: content
simple: globalWrapper, content, bodyContent

As you can see, #content is closest to being universal, but not so. If two IDs are needed (for higher specificity), the difficulty increases.

I'm not sure how best to resolve this; adding progressively more wrappers is probably *not* the best solution. Adding #content to the modern skin would probably be worthwile, however. Thoughts?

Version: 1.15.x
Severity: enhancement


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I'm assigning this to Trevor on the usability team. Trevor, we were talking about this the other day. :)

Maintaining consistent item IDs/classes where possible makes it easier to deal with things reliably, though of course there are limits on how consistent you can be. We should be able to be a little more consistent on new skin designs...

IDs of regions should be up to the individual skin. We shouldn't make any restrictions on that. It wouldn't make for a proper skin system.

For css specificity skins should be opting in to the new class="mw-body" to denote elements where content-area styling should start to apply (eg: external link icons) and increase specificity.

So I'm going to boldly WONTFIX this.

Since MW1.19 there's already a #mw-content-text ID applied on all skins on the article content.

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