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Wait for blocking tasks to finish before running next container script
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When the tool is brought up for the first time the database takes a little while to start up, but Docker Compose won't natively wait for the database to finish setup before starting to run the Django app. This results in the app not being able to connect successfully and erroring out. The Scripts container then has the same problem connecting to the app - migrations need to finish running before the script can find the right database table.

To avoid this for now, simply wait for the build to finish, then re-build the containers twice. We should develop a better solution though.


The simplest solution would be editing and to wait for their dependencies to be ready before running.

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The app now waits for mysqladmin to return a valid ping before attempting to start and migrate (

Still need to fix the script not connecting, but that requires a slightly different fix.

Specifically, the script needs to check that the hashtags_hashtag table exists, and that migrations have finished running, before starting, which is a much more involved check.

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Can this be referenced here ? -

I got issues while building with docker and had to build it twice for the app to load.

That Github issue doesn't appear to be relevant as it turned out to be a firewall conflict.

Additionally, the first step (app not starting because db isn't ready) should now be fixed by the health check. The remaining step is having the script container wait for migrations to finish on the app container.