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Move dumpsdata1001
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Part of T183585, dumpsdata1001 needs to have its uplink move from asw-b-eqiad to asw2-b-eqiad, which mean a few seconds of network downtime, but that host needs some special care and will have to be scheduled

@ArielGlenn please let @Cmjohnson and I know when would be a good time to do that move

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ayounsi triaged this task as Medium priority.Oct 17 2018, 2:17 PM
ayounsi created this task.

Adding @hoo to see if we can work out timing; we could work out sometime on Oct 30th or 31st but the wikidata weeklies would be interrupted and need restarting manually.

Well, last week Sunday afternoon was the only possible time for this :( … mid-term we will (hopefully) solve T206535, but for now we should either disable the cron(s) or I can carefully stop the scripts on demand and continue them after the maintenance.

Let's shoot for Oct 31 then. @ayounsi What time would the window be? @hoo would you prefer stopping and restarting scripts or just skipping the run for the week?

@ayounsi and @ArielGlenn Oct 31 will be great...can we do 12 or 1pm Eastern?

That time would be ok for me (my evening but it's not too late). @hoo?

That time would be ok for me (my evening but it's not too late). @hoo?

Yeah, that would work for me (I think).

I guess we can just let the crons present as usual and I'll see about the state once we want to do the actual switch. If it's inconvenient, we can still decide to not produce the dump that week.

Thank you! I created a calendar event. Feel free to move it around if any issue arise.

This move is complete, no? Is there anything left to do before closing?

ayounsi claimed this task.

Correct, thanks!