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Internal Copyvio handling/reports on Wikipedia mirrors as copyvio
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Historically, EranBot detects Wikipedia mirrors (see example in User:EranBot/Copyright/rc/44; look for <span class="success">Mirror?</span>) where the intention is to handle also Copyvio within Wikipedia. That is, if user copies content from other article, he should give credit in the edit summary. (e.g example for sufficent credits in summary: "Copied from [[Main page]]").

This is common case, and somewhat different from copying from external site/book. I think CopyPatrol interface doesn't show this indication of mirror (as other indications of CC-BY).

So how should we address it:

  • Do the community wants reports on "internal copyvio" ?
  • If yes:
    • Do we want to show hints in CopyPatrol? (Mirror? CC-BY? PD?) [I think currently we don't show them]
    • Do we want to show distinct label between copyvio and internal copyvio within NewPagesFeed? Don't show internal copyvio at all in NewPagesFeed?

I'm openning this for discussion in
And whatever decided, we can then do the technical discussion in phabricator

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eranroz created this task.Oct 18 2018, 5:27 AM
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Removing this from the Growth team's epic task, since this is not a blocker to us completing our work.