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CX2: Clicking on the source paragraph doesn't start a translation in the corresponding target paragraph
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In CX1, clicking the paragraph in the source column filled the target paragraph. Clicking the corresponding area of the screen in the target column did the same thing.

In CX2 only clicking in the target column works.

I noticed it a while ago, and it also came up in the discussion about CX2 in the Russian Wikipedia.

The underlying issue is probably the same that causes T197075.

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Pginer-WMF added a subscriber: Pginer-WMF.

We may want to reconsider whether to support in version 2 this behaviour. Emphasising the use of the translation document as the place to add content (which requires to complete T189203) would leave the source document available for inspection (once T203775 is completed), avoiding both behaviours to collide (e.g., getting the source paragraph added for translation by accident when trying to inspect a link from the source document).

Once the mentioned tickets are solved, we'll observe if interacting with the source still seems a necessary way to add content to the translation.

We have not observed major issues with the new behavior. If any issues arise, we can reconsider.