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Send Message to creator without needing to 'unreview'/'re-review' the article
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Value proposition

Currently the Send message for the creator and the Mark as reviewed processes are intertwined. A reviewer can only send a message to the creator if the page is not already reviewed. And the button to send message to creator also acts as a mark as reviewed button. These two workflows should be separated because often reviewers need to send a message to the creator without marking the page as reviewed (such as when it's still under review).


  • When user hits Mark as reviewed, that only marks the page as reviewed and does not send message to creator.
  • Add a new button Send message to creator which sends a message to the page creator if there is text present in the textarea. The button is disabled if there is no text.
  • Position the elements according the mockup above (with a horizontal separator between the two different steps.
  • The checkmark on the tab turns green only if the page has been marked as reviewed (no relation to whether a message was sent to creator).


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@Insertcleverphrasehere: Adding PageCuration project tag so this task can be found when looking at PageCuration tasks at . No need to add team tags like Growth-Team; that is up to each team (or automatic filters).

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It appears the CommTech team is working on this.

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We've run into some questions for the community while working on this ticket. We're discussing them on the project page. This ticket is stalled until we have an answer.

@Niharika We might want to take this off the Sprint board until it's ready :)

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Looks like we have a decision. The template message is going to be review-agnostic. @MusikAnimal I think we can proceed on this task now, right?

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@Niharika In the code, there was some previous functionality were if the article was marked as Reviewed the message was sent to the reviewer. I could see this behavior now that I'm always displaying the message box. Just to clarify, when the button says "Mark as Unreviewed" the message is also meant to be sent to the creator?

We discussed this in the meeting. Here's a summary:

  • The Review/Unreview and Send a message workflows should be completely decoupled.
  • The Send a message box is always there and the message is always sent to the creator
  • Unreviewing an article sends an automated message to the prior reviewer (This functionality remains unchanged)