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Request creation of library-card-test VPS project
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Project Name: library-card-test

Wikitech Usernames of requestors: @jsn.sherman and @Samwalton9

Purpose: Short term testing of a new project structure for the Library Card platform, currently hosted through the twl project.

Brief description: We would like to change the project structure of the Library Card platform to better allocate resources between the database hosting and the app itself. Since this will involve changing the structure of our VPS instances, we'd like a project in which to test these configurations and setups. We shouldn't need the project for long, and it can be deleted when we're done testing. If there's a more sensible way to do this kind of testing please let me know.

How soon you are hoping this can be fulfilled: As soon as possible, but there's no hard deadline.

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@jsn.sherman Please fill in any clarifying information that I might have missed :)

I'm planning on separating the different bits of our platform into containers running on a small kubernetes cluster, and running the database as a vm outside the cluster. We haven't determined the best way to configure persistent storage (e.g. user uploaded attachments). If we can use a project-wide nfs export (which we only use for backups in twl) that's great. If that's a performance/workload nonstarter, then I'm open to guidance, including just running a container that provides storage, which backs itself up to a project nfs export.

We can create another project, but why don't you just test in the original project? You seem to have enough quota to create a couple of small VMs in twl.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2018-11-02T21:25:43Z] <bd808> Created project with samwalton9 and jsn as admins (T207455)

The project has been created in the "eqiad1-r" region. @Samwalton9 and @jsn.sherman are admins. Note that when using Horizon to manage new instances here you may have to manually select the "eqiad1-r" region at the bottom of the project selection drop down.