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Identify which wikiprojects are active on cs.wp
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Growth team plans to survey newcomers to ask them their interests. This will be through T206375: Personalized first day: write survey copy and (less) T206711: [EPIC] Growth: help panel.

In the future, we may use such a survey to direct newcomers to wikiprojects, where a specialist in their interest could be found.

Therefore, we think that the right way to ask newcomers about their interests is to allow them to choose from a list of wikiprojects.
The goal of this task is to identify and make a list (in English) of wikiprojects. Because there are many many wikiprojects, we think the list should include:

  • All the "top level" wikiprojects (e.g. "WikiProject Science", but not "WikiProject Biology")
  • Any additional WikiProjects that are particularly active.
  • An indication of which WikiProjects are particularly active.

This task focuses on Czech wiki.