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CRS support to host a Remote Edit-a-thon/Edit party for the WMF Design team
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Oct 19 2018, 5:50 PM
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The WMF Design team are collectively shifting to more contributor-focused projects, and would like to gain a broader and deeper understanding about the many different ways contributors use Wikipedia by participating directly in an "Edit party", similar to one conducted recently by @CKoerner_WMF for the Apps team offsite in Oct 2018.

Request for CRS support

It would be very valuable if @CKoerner_WMF (or pending available, another CRS person) could host a *remote* "Edit party" for the WMF Design team, around 2hrs duration. Ideally it would focus on:

  • Getting started on editing - common tools/gadgets for finding content
  • Editing tasks suited to mobile (as most attendees are focusing on mobile projects)
  • Introduction to common/popular Editor UIs/tools (eg., Page history, Watchlists, edit review tools)

The goal is that based learnings from the Edit party, the team will afterwards be able to self-organize an Edit-a-thon focused on improving design articles on enwiki at a later date (likely All Hands)

Time frame
  • Ideally a 2-hour session in early to mid November
  • Remote-friendly for an EU/US timezone (@RHo can help with co-ordinating a time)

Event Timeline

Elitre triaged this task as Medium priority.

Rita and I have talked. We have a Doodle open for the team to pick a date. Sometime in late November.

I'd like to attend, so keep me on the list. And I propose we use Grant Metrics to track our contributions.

Hi @CKoerner_WMF and @jmatazzoni - just added selected date to everyone's calendars.

This was successfully held with about a dozen folks in attendance.

And according to Grant Metrics, y’all improved three pages. Congratulations!


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