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New account interaction with Echo post registration
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We want to know to what extent newly registered users interact with Echo notifications. Knowing that can give us an indication of how interested we are in also knowing more about the extent to which new users get notifications. This leads us to posing the following question:

  • What proportion of non-autocreated accounts interact with Echo notifications in the first 24 hours after registration?

If the answer is "a substantial amount", then we might want to ask these follow-up questions:

  1. What proportion of non-autocreated accounts receive a notification in the first 24 hours after registration?
  2. What kind of notifications do they receive?

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mpopov added a subscriber: mpopov.

Just want to make a note that as Android team has started including Echo notifications as app notifications (see, results of this analysis are of interest to that team.

kostajh added a subscriber: kostajh.

Growth-Team discussed in triage and we'd at least like to know the answer to the first question, "What proportion of non-autocreated accounts interact with Echo notifications in the first 24 hours after registration?", in Q2.

@kzimmerman -- this is an analysis that we still think would be interesting and potentially useful one day, but has not been a priority in the last year. Do you think it should stay open or be closed?

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Removing task assignee due to inactivity, as this open task has been assigned to the same person for more than two years (see the emails sent to the task assignee on Oct27 and Nov23). Please assign this task to yourself again if you still realistically [plan to] work on this task - it would be welcome.
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This is a task that would be interesting to do. At the same time, it's unclear when or if it'll be a priority for the Growth team. Should the need to understand more about usage of Echo come up at some point in the future, I suggest creating a new task with a fresh set of questions based on the team's needs at that time.