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To what extent do newly registered users search for how-to information?
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We are interested in understanding whether newly registered users search for information on how to accomplish specific tasks (e.g. "how do I create an article?").

The sample data of searches can help us answer this. To do so likely requires some exploratory analysis in order to understand the types of questions and phrasing used. Then, we can dig into the data and learn more about the extent of this.

Because this process is likely to be iterative and requires language knowledge, fast iteration means we're limited to languages that we're fluent in.

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We may also want to consider looking at search queries from the Help panel, assuming T209301 is implemented.

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@kzimmerman -- this is an analysis that we still think would be interesting and potentially useful one day, but has not been a priority in the last year. Do you think tasks of that status should stay open somewhere? Or closed?