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RevDeleted to link to the actual revision(s) involved for all users
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Right now RevDel log entries state that a user "changed the visibility of <N> revisions". There's no way to tell which revisions or what changes.

There might be many revisions deleted or undeleted, by different admins, at different times, and this makes tracking "who did what" almost impossible in all but the simplest cases.

Can the deletion log for a page be sure to make clear which revision(s) were the subject of a given logged action?

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See also bug 18335 wrote:

So people can go looking in mirrors and caches for those revisions? This information should be available only to those with the permission to view the deleted revisions. Which means we'd need different summaries for those with and without 'suppressrevision'. Hmm...

Maybe we could store this data in the log_params column? Is this being used for anything else in suppression log entries? I think making this data *available* is the main requirement; implementing it in the UI is a separate issue (which is actually multi-faceted).

Changing summary to make sense wrote:

Re #2: The deletion log contains revisions that are unpleasant, (badly) offensive, unacceptable content, speedy-able, or copyright breaching. Edits that are genuinely privacy breaching or defamatory of a living person tend more as a rule to be oversighted. Any admin can view the deletion log, and (once admin access is enabled for RevDel) view all the underlying deleted edits described in it.

When a page has been around for a while, or seen multiple deletion actions, then tracking what has happened on a page can get increasingly difficult. Which of multiple deletions and undeletions were done by which admins, even after a few admin actions, can be completely impossible to determine, and reviewing becomes increasingly difficult too. Making the links available would be a solution.

If that information should only be shown to admins, since only admins can see the deleted revisions, then that would be fine.

aaron added a comment.Sep 2 2009, 11:28 PM

What information is needed? Clicking "change visibility" shows all the edits deleted with that action. Showing a much revision IDs/timestamps inline would be messy and wouldn't seem particularly helpful.

What links need to be available?

aaron added a comment.Nov 18 2009, 8:13 PM

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 18335 ***

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