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establish what abstractions need to be made between interface chunks and js so gadgets can muck with them
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What all feckin' broke in timeless and responsive monobook, or just too skin-specific to anything to work in others? What's bad in mobile? What betweens are there?

The main issue is that gadgets plug in to the interface by manipulating the DOM directly. The DOM varies according to skin.
If there were an abstraction layer in between the gadget and the skin, it could “translate” between the gadget and the skin DOM.

We have some abstractions, such as addportletlink. Need more/better/less specific and more reliable.

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Isarra created this task.Oct 21 2018, 7:25 PM

theoretically the important stuff are abstracted by mw.util

Sort out what all this is, what's missing, what's poor practice as is (too specific to skins?)

Based on Vermont's usage in particular, it looks like we very well might need interfaces for users to just add entirely new blocks of tools/nav.

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