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Alter demo to navigate via Wikidata items
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@Zache altered the code to navigate via Wikidata ID's. Ping @Jutilae how does this effect your work, what has been your situation? @Zache can describe the new challenges, the url format is perhaps not resolved yet.

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  • Replace Wikipedia links with Wikidocumentaries links
    • Retrieve Q-codes and construct link
      • (full version for indexing)
      • (minimun version)
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So as far as I understand, the search box uses Wikidata-based urls whereas the links from within Wikipedia articles and Wikidata items still use Wikipedia links. The ideal is to make them uniform: https://domain/somethinglikeanamespace/WikidataQID/language/titleinthelanguage and this will still work when it only has https://domain/somethinglikeanamespace/WikidataQID

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