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Verify datamodel, queryability with SPARQL (literary awards)
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I'm currently creating Wikidata items for Dutch literary awards, for example (Generale Bank Literary award overall) (Generale Bank Literary award for year 1998) (Generale Bank Literary award for year 1999)

As I´m quite new to creating Wikidata items, I´m seeking feedback if I´m setting up these items in a clever & correct way, for instance if I'm using the correct properties and qualifiers to denote for instance jury members and nominees

Especially if people want to make SPARQL queries against them (like "Give me all nominees of the Generale Bank Literary award - and its precursors and successors - who are women form Belgium"). I'd like to structure my WD-itmens in such a way that these queries don't need to be overly complicated.

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@OlafJanssen is deze taak inmiddels uitgevoerd of kan/mag/moet hij openblijven staan voor de WTS2019?

Deze taak is uitgevoerd/compleet, ik heb sinds de laatste Techstorm en GLAMwiki Tel Aviv zoveel meer over Wikidata, datamodelering en Sparql geleerd (dankzij en hulde aan de gemeenschap!) dat bovenstaande geen echte uitdagingen/vragen meer zijn.

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