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Adding a "Potential COI" alert to the feed
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The page curation list should show if a new page could have a potential COI issue or notability due to someone being a close subject. It should detect the tag or use a filter judging by things such as the username. Example a page created called "ExampleIncorporated" was made by a user called "JohnatExampleInc". A match program could be used to detect if a COI issue could be a problem with the page.

This could potentially be accomplished simply by flagging any new article where a user triggered Abuse Filter 148 or 149, which already make matches between usernames and titles of articles/content of edits: (Please see and

I'm not certain if the above filters trigger on pages in the draft space (I don't see any draft space pages in the lists at the moment), if not they should either be added to the abuse filters, or new abuse filters made for draft space so that the AfC new pages feed can get the same benefits from flagging potential COI's

Note that this should be a filterable criteria as well.

Requested here: