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Keyword Search for New Pages Feed
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As an NPP user, I want to have a keyword search in the New Pages Feed, so that I can easily search for articles based on themes or content.

Acceptance Criteria:
• Create a new field in the "That" section of the search filters for the New Pages Feed, which is the last option (i.e. bottom of list)
• The text should read "Has the following keyword(s)"
• If a user inputs one or multiple keywords into the field and clicks "Set Filter," the search results in the New Pages Feed should only display results that have matching keywords in the article text

Background: The New Page Patrol Browser ( has a "keyword or username" search functionality that is very useful to patrollers that prefer to review certain kinds of articles. It has recently been suggested that AfC would also like to have this kind of functionality.

However, the New Pages Feed does not have Keyword search (which is where AfC reviewers are now going to sort through drafts. NPP would also like to have a Keyword search functionality as well. Username searching would also be useful, and has also been requested in the past.

Visual Example of Current New Pages Feed (from 2018):

New_Pages_Feed_Filters_Closeup-Oct_30_2018.png (600×794 px, 139 KB)

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Catrope added a subscriber: Catrope.

Moving this to 'Triaged but future' because many Page Curation tasks are currently part of the 2019 Wishlist Survey

It should be noted that the NPP Browser linked above is no longer functioning after the tools server move.

@Barkeep49 @Insertcleverphrasehere This ticket requests a keyword and, potentially, username search in the New Pages Feed (if I understand correctly). The request for a keyword search makes sense to me. However, I'm a bit confused regarding the username request. Aren't NPP folks already able to search via username when they apply filters in the New Pages Feed?

ifried updated the task description. (Show Details)

@ifried Yes username is already existing. I think the original person was just trying to make clear what functionality they were looking for, specifically something that brought some of the features of the NPP Browser on wiki. Especially given that the NPP Browser's current link is broken.

This work was ruled as out of scope, after analysis from the Community Tech team. I'm removing the Community Tech tag from this ticket, as we've now wrapped up the Page Curation Improvements project. Further details can be found on the Page Curation Improvements project page. Thanks!