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Create a template consent for participations at events
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We should have a standard text (Swedish and English) for the needed Consent from participants in events (offline and online) which we organise.

The consent gives us the right to process their personal data to:

  • Prepare for the event
    • Decide on who may to participate/be funded
    • Book travel/accommodation
    • Assist with visas
    • Book food
    • Communicate with you
    • Order give-aways
  • Conduct the event
    • print badges
    • publish programs
    • distribute give-aways
  • Evaluate the event
    • send out surveys
    • send out prices
    • crunch statistics
    • collect testimonials
  • Invite them to related future events (note that this is time limited)

Note that not all of the sub-points are applicable for all types of events and only the data which is actually needed should be collected.

We will of course not use the data for anything but the above. We may share some details with the travel agency/accommodation/venue/embassy (if necessary) or indirectly with the platform provider for the event/sign-up/survey. Sharing with anyone else (e.g. another chapter or organiser of next year's event) is only done after explicit permission. Reports will include statistics rather than any individual data.

The consent should also mention images/video may be recorded during the events and published, opt-out of this during registration.

The consent must link to our Privacy policy.

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Lokal_Profil added a comment.EditedOct 23 2018, 10:07 PM

The above is my brain dump of things the data gets used for. A lot of it doesn't need consent (we need it to run a safe event) but some does and so consent is easiest. The text would be included in/linked to from any sign-up sheet.

Unclear to me who is best suited to get this ball rolling. Maybe the praktikant can take a stab at it once there is a base? Note that @Historiker will look into any needed additions to our Privacy policy in relation to this over the coming months.

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