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CX2: Position of some references changes during translation
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References that appear in the middle of a sentence in the source material are moved to the end of the sentence in the translated version. (Actually, as you’ll see in Example 3, they are moved to the right of the first period that follows the reference, whether that period marks the end of the sentence or not.)

EXAMPLE 1 (from National Women's Rights Convention)

EXAMPLE 2 (from Java Version History)

EXAMPLE 3 (from Rosa Parks)
In this example, the two references are placed after the first period that follows the references, which in this case happens NOT to be the end of the sentence, but instead is within "Browder v. Gayle".

The expected behavior is for the reference to be in exactly the same position in the translation as it is in the source material. (References 37 & 38 in Example 3 are a good illustration of why placement needs to be precise, since each refers to a specific person rather than the sentence as a whole.)


  • The behavior doesn't seem to be connected to the type of reference used. Example 1 uses a standard Reference; example 2 uses Cite Web; example 3 uses Cite Journal and Cite News.
  • This hasn't been intensively tested on different language pairs, however I did test it on a Spanish-to-French translation, and the behavior was the same.
  • Translation engine: Apertium
  • Browsers: Avast Secure Browser 69.1.852.100, Google Chrome v. 69.0.3497.100

@Etonkovidova just brought to my attention that this bug was actually reported back in June of 2016 (see T102618). The only detail that this report adds is that the references are repositioned to follow the next available period -- which is usually at the end of the sentence, but not in all cases (see Example 3).

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