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Special:Notifications should display all cross-wiki notifications anytime whatever their status
Open, Needs TriagePublic


At the moment, if you access Special:Notifications on a wiki, you will have the list of local notifications (read and unread) and cross-wiki notifications (unread).

As far as you haven't read all cross-wiki notifications, you can browse any cross-wiki notification, whatever their status. When all cross-wiki notifications are read for a give wiki, you can't find any of those cross-wiki notifications for this wiki. You have to go to that wiki where was the notification to have access to it.

So Special:Notifications should be more wiki-agnostic by displaying the list of wikis you've received notifications from every time, whatever their status.

Possible improvements:

  • The local wiki notifications should stay be pinned on top.
  • The order to display cross-wiki notifications could be
    1. All wikis with unread notifications, by order of unread notifications (the more, the upper),
    2. All wikis, by order of notifications received (the more, the upper).
  • While we have a thousand of wikis, a search bar for wikis would be a nice bonus.