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Make actual number of servers available (like in Grafana board)
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I happen to make plenty of presentation about Wikipedia / Wikimedia, and often the questions about physical infrastructure come up. There are lots of useful information about architecture on and but especially the latter does not actually contain specifics (counts) about the actual (bare-metal) servers.

I have tried - and failed - to find live data on the server count, grand total as well as numbers on specific functions.

There are lots of aggregated data in grafana boards (and they're pretty useful) but I sorely missed a board which would show the graphs (or even the gauges) of actual number of servers total and by datacenters and specific functions.

My educated guess is that all the required data is already in graphite, only someone should be so kind as to create a grafana dashboard to show them.

Would this be possible please? (That's one of the most often asked questions after presentations.)

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grin created this task.Oct 25 2018, 11:00 AM
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Sorry about the delay in answering this -- yes the number is available although not really marked as such. Specifically a proxy number for servers online is how many kernels are running, in this case here: IOW ~1400 at the moment. A dedicated dashboard is still missing but I hope this helps in the mean time !