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wikiapiary not updating
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I added our wikis to wikiapiary a long time ago, but they don't seem to be updating:
Is this a problem where I need to change something, or where there is a problem at the apiary end?

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Adding project tag WikiApiary so someone following WikiApiary tickets can find this one. (Please try to set project tags when creating tasks - thanks!)

Hi, not sure if someone changed something, but the Critical Care and Medicine Database Wiki has now updated data. The UmIntMed one still doesn't.

"Last audited on 2017/08/23 09:30:11 PM" is still old, though.

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It seems like the bots are getting bad CSRF tokens from what I've tried. Will keep investigating.

I apologize for letting this slip for so long.

Bots are still getting a CSRF error (for which I created T212467), but it looks like the problem with it not running was a problem of bad indention -- return was inside the loop instead of outside of it.

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Hmm seems that still shows from august.

Well, its going now! still says it's marked inactive. was partly updated (EG usage general is updated, but usage semantic is not...) still says it's marked inactive.

I've manually change it. It should update shortly. was partly updated (EG usage general is updated, but usage semantic is not...)

WikiApiary is set to read SMW data from your wiki, but there are things that the you need to enable on your wiki.