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Extension:NewUserMessage using template substitution
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Diffs of all the files in the extension


I've changed this extension a bit so it receives another parameter telling it if it should include or substitute the "Welcome" template. It seems substitution is "a la mode", even if I find its advantages to be limited. While I was at it, I've also included a Romanian translation.

Hope this code will make it in the SVN.



P.S. I couldn't find NewUserMessage as a component, so I chose Newuserlog, cause it was marked as "related". Hope the fact theat Newuserlog is deprecated doesn't mean the enhancement is rejected.

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Severity: enhancement

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Diffs of all the files in the extension


Two comments:

  • please do the localisation at; that's a lot easier and streamlined (and you can as well localise a lot more into Romanian)
  • make the new settings configurable in a message; that will allow a user community (and not a server administrator) to decide if a template will be substituted or not.

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New version of the diff

The substitution is now made if there is any text in MediWiki:Newusermessage-substitute


Applied in r51297 with changes. Thanks.