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Image issues in mediaviwer on some articles
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Tested on 6.1.0 (1506)


  1. On an article, tap an image and begin scrolling through images

All images load

Some images do not load. The spinner remains visible for a long time.

Note - This happens on some articles/images and not on others. I have seen some similar issues on politician articles and maps (electoral or campaign visits). However, if you find the image and tap on it the image loads fine and will now appear when scrolling through images.

Example articles - Image(s):
Barack Obama - 2004 Senate elections in Illinois & Electoral college map for 2008
George Bush - Results of the US presidential election 2000
Nigeria - Orthographic map of Nigeria & Map of the secessionist state of the Republic of Biafra & SVG version of file:Nigeria Linguistics
Niger - Administrative divisions of Niger
Mariana Trench - A cross section of the Mariana trench
Peru - 2nd image (no name) & A map of the hemisphere centered on 75-9 & Locator map of Peru
Colombia - Orthographic map of Colombia

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Testing on iOS 12.1 (iPhone 7) and Wikipedia app 6.1.1 (1524). This seems fixed according to the videos below. I no longer had the issue when testing the Bill Clinton image gallery during the latest iOS app regression. @ABorbaWMF @NHarateh_WMF @JMinor @JoeWalsh