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Peek/Pop in Places, list view sometimes pops the wrong card/image
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Tested on 6.1.0 (1506)


  1. Go to places and enable location (I am testing in San Francisco)
  2. Tap to view the list view of places
  3. Peek/pop various list items, scroll up/down

The correct 'card' pops up

Sometimes the incorrect card appears, for example, the card for a list item 1 to 2 items above/below the item will appear (Example: Peek/popping KTVU shows the Oakland. CA card)

Frequency = 3/5 times

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JMinor moved this task from Needs Triage to Bug Backlog on the Wikipedia-iOS-App-Backlog board.

Testing on iOS 12.1 (iPhone 7) and Wikipedia app 6.1.1 (1524). As seen in the video I will share with @ABorbaWMF @JMinor @NHarateh_WMF @JoeWalsh on Google Drive, I was able to peek/pop KTVU this time and the correct card popped up so it appears fixed.