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Preserve or generate a hyphenated ISBN at Book sources
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Author: ferdemza

Is there a chance to modify Wikimedia so that it generates the hyphenated ISBN parameter under a special name such as HYPHENATED_ISBN?

Some online bookstores require hyphens in the ISBN search clause. I'd like to be able to write ISBN 5-7380-0015-3 (or at least {{ISBN|5-7380-0015-3}}), select and arrive at

I'd like to be able to use a hyphenated ISBN parameter for this purpose, such as

Also, I am not sure why Mediawiki's parsing of the regular article text ISBN ... throws hyphens away on converting the text to [[Special:Book sources/PARSEDNUMBER]]. This seems to be redundant because further substitution of MAGICNUMBER on the Book sources page throws hyphens away regardless of the format of the parameter to that page.

Finally, it would be nice if Mediawiki could automatically hyphenate non-hyphenated ISBN numbers provided in the regular article text, ISBN ... when generating its HYPHENATED_ISBN substitution in the Book sources page.

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ilatypov wrote:

This was suggested in the Boot sources Wikipedia talk page,

This bug causes problems with the "Find articles on Wikipedia which cite this ISBN." feature, e.g.
(found via )
only links to the article with the un-hyphenated result, and not the article I arrived from, or any other correctly-hyphenated results.

ilatypov wrote:
This was suggested in the Boot sources Wikipedia talk page,

Note, this was archived at

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