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[Bug] Large empty space on top of Wikimedia commons main page for logged in users
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Steps to Reproduce

  1. Visit or
  2. Log in

Expected Results

  • Screen real estate is maximized to useful content only

Actual Results

  • Lots of wasted empty space under welcome message. This could be a tiny one-liner instead of a huge message with a big empty space underneath it.

Environments Observed

  • Production enwiki and Commons

Browser Version

  • Chromium v70.0.3538.67

OS Version

  • Ubuntu v18.10

Device Model

  • Desktop

Device Language

  • English

Developer notes

The margin bottom is defined related to @pageActionsHeight. I suspect whenever that change was made they forgot that the main page is "special" when logged in.

The heading-holder only contains the welcome message.

Can we remove the welcome message? It was originally added to let a user know they were logged in but this doesn't seem a great way to convey this information and in the interest of minimising different versions of our pages it would be good to make this one disappear.

Russian hides it altogether and it looks great..:

Hindi doesn't which I don't think is intentional:

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@alexhollender (hoping for a quick answer - e.g. yes or "it's complicated") can we remove the welcome message and the associated tech debt here?

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I'm only seeing this on Commons and it doesn't look related to Minerva. It's due to local styles on the wiki.

Seems like I never replied here. I remember we had a similar task about this regarding Wikipedia. I am still in favor of keeping the welcome message.