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Math rending of comma should equal the rendering of point in comma-based decimal languages
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Some languages use comma (,) instead of point (.) to denote decimals (and viceversa with the thousands punctuation). But the math renderer only renders correctly the point and creates a small space next to the comma, that shouldn't exist.

You can test it in Basque Wikipedia, for example, easily.

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This behavior matches TeX/LaTeX. Wrapping {} around the comma will remove the extra space, e.g., $12{,}34$.

Since the database of equation rendering is currently shared across WMF sites, there's currently no way to automate such localization features.

Then we should create a way for that!

@Theklan: We are currently discussing some changes to the math extension here: T195861, you are welcome to discuss this issue. Currently the plan is to

  1. get a correct rendering like in normal MathJax / LaTeX for all equations, especially mhchem
  2. render non-ASCII-characters like Cyrillic letters, äöü etc. properly in all browsers such that \text can be used with all languages that need special characters

As you can see this is a tremendous amount of work, progress is quite slow and everything relies on volunteers. I don't think changing the syntax for existing formulas with commas is feasible and maintaining the current system without additional localization features already overstretches our resources. I think it would be a better idea to just keep using the well-known {,} for decimal comma and make sure that help pages mention this LaTeX hack.

It might be worth documenting the workaround in Help:Formula for the affected languages.

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I think the way to go is to solve the problem on the input side. We are currently working on suggestions for the visual editor. I think suggesting to replace , with {,} in certain cases would be the way to go. Otherwise, people expecting the TeX , rendering might be upset.