Alternative sitenotice accessibility for users with limited JavaScript support
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I hereby file this _long term wishlist_ placeholder bug in the hopes
that you will _someday_ make the most important message of Wikipedia,
the message that you put on the top of the page, on every page, agree

It doesn't matter how you implement it, just be sure to give the rest of
the users some hint that there is something they should be aware of,
that there is something happening.

You could even have a <noscript> that won't go away until they click
in their preferences "that I am aware I should subscribe to [some
announcement list or whatever]".

Otherwise throughout the year there is not one peep for us of all your
activities, your Wikimainias, your fundraisers, etc. Other users know
of all the great parties, whilst we are back at the dorm wondering
where everybody is.

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Jidanni created this task.May 18 2009, 7:13 AM

In a javascript enabled browser I noticed there are all kinds of votes
and board resolutions going on. The
non-javascript user would have no idea any of this happened.

Many organizations are required to send such items by paper mail. Yes,
WMF is different, but still shouldn't place all legal notification
stakes on the tenuous thread of javascript being enabled.

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