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Add Special:Log/centralauth as an alias for Special:Log/globalauth and Special:GlobalAuth as an alias for Special:CentralAuth
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Author: mike.lifeguard+bugs

The interface is at Special:CentralAuth, so it makes lots of sense for the log to be located at Special:Log/centralauth. I don't know why it isn't, but on the assumption that there is a good reason to not simply change the log name, please add an alias.

Additionally, please consider adding Special:GlobalAuth as an alias for Special:CentralAuth to make this match symmetrically.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
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Mike.lifeguard: What is the assumption for "it makes a lot of sense"? Just wondering if this idea has been brought up by others too, and whether people are (wrongly) guessing the URL instead of clicking links in the UI (no matter where they actually end up)?

@Aklapper I am not aware of people wrongly guessing the URL, the log page or the special page. The original bug is rather old. I suggest decline.

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This is not the case nowadays anymore.