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Check whether wikidumpparse project requires NFS or not
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This project has an entry in modules/labstore/files/nfs-mounts.yaml but no task under T102240

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dumps: true
home: true
project: true
scratch: true

Wikidumpparse does not strictly need NFS. It could run entirely on just the
local volumes. However it is storing data on NFS right now (the default
since the home dir is on nfs) so I would need time to migrate it.

Make a great day,
Max Klein

Please let me know if you revoke NFS from wikidumpparse, because it will break my project's pipeline. I'd appreciate it if it were left open, but if it's a problem I could imagine re-engineering it.

@Maximilianklein using NFS is fine, we just wanted to eliminate the cases where it was mounted but unused.