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Check whether wikidata-dev project requires NFS or not
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This project has an entry in modules/labstore/files/nfs-mounts.yaml but no task under T102240

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Krenair created this task.Oct 31 2018, 1:17 PM

dumps: true
home: true
project: true
scratch: true

How can we tell if we are using NFS or not? ;)

Krenair added a comment.EditedNov 5 2018, 2:43 PM

Well first thing would be to go through your instances and check which ones have nfs entries showing on df (they usually get mounted under /mnt/nfs/, and come from one of the labstore* servers). Then you should look at where those get mounted to, what files are in there, what applications write those files, and whether an application running on one host needs to be able to access files written to that NFS share on another host. And also whether you have anything accessing stuff like dumps.