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Watchlist of phabricator tasks
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It's not easy to keep a track of phab task updates without watchlist. After much research and hit and trials, I somehow managed to navigate to subscribed task in mobile-view. (This was also quite a task)

But It was not sortable. It did not tell me which ones got updates.

Mail option floods email and I don't want my mail to be flooded.

Phabricator notifications are better but they can't be accessed in smartphone view once marked as read. Plus there's a limit on them.

Event Timeline

You can subscribe to tasks and get email notifications, and notifications within Phabricator.

Capankajsmilyo updated the task description. (Show Details)

I was still updating the task, the "ways" don't let me see updates which are latest. I don't want flooding of my mails.

Yes, it is possible to see latest updates. If the documentation is not clear enough, please feel free to discuss on its talk page. Thanks!