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Implement Japanese and North Korean calendars
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In r50778 the of Taiwan has been implemented.

An excellent reuse of code could be had here by now also implementing the of North Korea, as it is the
exactly the same as Taiwan's (year 98=2009).

While you are at it, consider implementing , as the article says
"Japanese era names are still in use. Government offices usually require
era names and years for official papers."

So just as here in Taiwan, one can imagine many government etc. offices where
they would be overjoyed to be able to use such dates.

As I am very much not the right man for this job, I would like to leave this bug
in the system to give others an opportunity to evaluate and/or implement it.

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: enhancement



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OK, I see you say 平成 for Japanese, please
also add the familiar names for Taiwan, see the note I made at

One can guess that you should also offer the two character prefix
주체(主體) for Korea, but maybe they only use one character...

Speaking of which, perhaps also add a short 民98年... one character
choice for Taiwan too.

Created attachment 6139
Group international time notation systems together at top instead of split


Please apply attachment 6139 to stop intermingling local and international time notations.
They will then be international first, then local afterwards.

ISO has always come as last, why change that?

OK, I see. Then instead of putting all international before local, put
all local before international. What ever you do, don't intermingle them.

The position of the ISO date is a seperate issue for that, please add the
comments in the bug 18931 instead.

The original purpose of this bug has been FIXED before.

Sorry my mistake, please add the comments to the bug 18932 instead.