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Perform comparative analysis of editing toolbar UIs
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Background: As part of the 2018 Annual Plan work for the foundation, the Editing team is looking at ways to improve the mobile editing experience on the web. In order to make sure that we are taking into account best practices, we need to research common patterns for UI.

Research goals:

  • Explore the patterns on the existing interface for Wikipedia on mobile web
  • Explore what kinds of UI patterns other editing tools are using

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iamjessklein renamed this task from Perform comparative analysis of section editing toolbar UIs to Perform comparative analysis of editing toolbar UIs.Nov 5 2018, 4:21 PM
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Hey are you still planning to do this and will it be ready by the time you work on the low-fidelity wireframes @iamjessklein

This work is being done in conjunction with T229030.
I have done a comparative review in the slide deck about the proposed changes to the look and feel of the toolbar.

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This is currently deprioritized due to our work on talk pages

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