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Visual Editor contravenes long-standing guidelines: numeric reference names
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An English Wikipedia guideline, discussing naming of re-used references at, says: "The text of the name can be almost anything‍—‌apart from being completely numeric". The help page at says "Names must not be purely numeric; they should have semantic value so that they can be more easily distinguished from each other by human editors."

But Visual Editor produces references with "names" with are numbers, starting with "0". That contravenes our long-standing guidelines on reference names.

Please fix Visual Editor so that the name of a reference is taken from one of the fields, preferably "last1" augmented by a date and/or running number if necessary to distinguish multiple refs from same author.

I don't use Visual Editor myself after finding it desperately inconvenient for the kind of wikignoming I do, but I see edits made using it, including these deprecated numeric reference names.

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Completely agree. <ref name = ":0"> is really, really ugly and not very informative to editors. Much better to replace with "last1_year".

It's T92432. Nothing's changed since the last time. Currently blocked on implementation of