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Untangle MediaHandler, FileRepo, File, Title and Linker
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Notes from T206080: Wikimedia Technical Conference 2018 Session - Architecting core: layers/components/libraries:

  • We definitely have deps between MediaTransform, FileRepo, Title classes. They definitely have some tangled interconnections.
  • Method on File exposes MediaHandler and does some internal things using it as well. Could do in a more injection friendly way,
  • The worst thing is the way Linker uses File.
  • Weird logic on Title for renaming files, which prob belong more on WikiPage. Want to separate those things out. Already todo comments, but need to do them.
  • MediaTransform and Linker are the really ugly stuff. Stuff goes into the other from both. Need to separate the logic of generating a frame from the logic of transforming the media better.
  • When it comes to foreign repos from commons for responsive images, a lot of hacks were introduced that are not maintainable.

TBD: file tickets for first steps to solve this.

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