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Link with other language from mobile view
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Desktop view atअंकन_सेन shows a link to add language under language tools, "add links"

The tool looks like this (link next to edit pencil):

This is what appears, clicking on that link

No such link is available in mobile view

Developer notes

Problem 1

We'd need to work out where such an icon goes


  • the LanguageOverlay - but how would that work if an article has no languages?
  • The new menu that the reading web team is working on as part of (T198313)

We'd need to make sure we make it possible for other extensions to register links in those menus (T65459)

Problem 2

Make the overlay mobile friendly

The overlay uses jquery-ui which is not supported on mobile. This would likely need to be rewritten in OOjs UI or use the mobile frontend javascript. This would be out of scope for my team and better handled by the wikibase team.

Event Timeline

@Capankajsmilyo is that a gadget? Is there any chance you can show the screenshot in full and provide steps for me to replicate getting this screen on desktop?

Please add a note when you are tagging teams in tasks to explain whether it is FYI or you expect something from us.

The link is implemented by Wikibase.

Thanks @Nikerabbit! Sorry for the lack of context - I just figured since it related to languages you might be able to point me in the right direction and it sounds like you have. Sounds like fixing this would require some collaboration between Wikibase team and our team working on Minerva.