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Rewrite Ruby browser tests as Javascsript browser tests
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We want to stop maintaining two separate stacks for browser tests.
We have javascript written more recently.


  • we will disable ruby tests that are making the daily tests run against beta and test fail.
  • we start rewriting ruby browser tests one by one (in sub-tasks), keeping in mind that some of these tests might be not needed and can be discarded completely. That's to be figured out on each case separately while working on them.

[relevant info on current ruby tests]

This job used to be green in the early 2018, now seems to be failing again since couple of weeks, e.g.,MEDIAWIKI_ENVIRONMENT=beta,PLATFORM=Linux,label=DebianJessie%20&&%20contintLabsSlave/lastBuild/testReport/

There seems to be several types of failures of individual tests:

  • timed out after 15 seconds, Element was not visible in 15 seconds (Watir::Wait::TimeoutError) -> to check if it is a hiccups, or indicating some DOM change leading to not finding an element?
  • You do not have the permissions needed to carry out this action. (permissiondenied) (MediawikiApi::ApiError) -> is it some edit ratio limit maybe?
  • possibly more types of errors?

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Duplicate of T180228

thanks @Michael I thought I saw that one sometime ago 👍