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cumin: Support multiple OpenStack regions
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WMCS is in the process of migrating to a new region (eqiad1-r) that will coexist with the old one (main/eqiad) for a while. There's is also the possibility that multiple regions will have to coexist permanently in the future, without a cutoff date.

This is a request for enhancement so that Cumin can support a configuration file with multiple regions.

Example code to enumerate regions:

instances = []
if projectid:
    if allregions:
        for region in self.allregions():
            instances.extend(self.novaclient(projectid, region).servers.list())

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Change 477811 had a related patch set uploaded (by Andrew Bogott; owner: Andrew Bogott):
[operations/software/cumin@master] Openstack: support multiple regions

To echo the discussion in gerrit -- do we ever want to be able to specify region on the cumin commandline, or should it just aggregate all regions, always?

I'd like to add that you should think about it in the general sense of any openstack installation, not only ours. Cumin is a generic software that has no WMF-specific code and we'd like to keep it that way.
That's why I strongly think that we should keep it agnostic and allow the possibility to specify the region in the query.

From the Wikimedia OpenStack point of view this is no longer relevant as the old region is gone, we're back to one normal region in real use.

Change 477811 abandoned by Andrew Bogott:

[operations/software/cumin@master] Openstack: support multiple regions