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add support to cite article by title
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To cite an academic paper for which you only have the title (most common case), the process is as follows:

  1. put the title in Google
  2. click on the publisher link
  3. copy the doi
  4. open the citation tool
  5. paste the doi in the citation tool which then queries Citoid.

This process is long and cumbersome. One possible improvement is that the citation tool supports query-by-title directly:

  1. open the citation tool
  2. put the title
  3. retrieve the citation

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My bad, I see that it works.

The confusing factor is that the citation tool label is URL, DOI, ISBN or PMC/PMID (suggesting that a paper title is not an option).

One solution is then to change the label to URL, DOI, ISBN, PMC/PMID or article title

The new label is getting deployed tomorrow :).