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Partially blocked users should be able to patrol edits for other pages
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Patrolling is a review process that allows users holding the patrol permission to mark edits from new accounts as patrolled, signaling to other users "This edit is good, no need to review".

On Test Wikipedia only Bots and Admins have the patrol permission, so I tested on my own account User:TBolliger_(WMF)

Expected behavior

  • A partially blocked user with patrol permissions...
    • 1. should not be able to patrol changes on pages defined in their partial block
    • 2. should be able to patrol edits on pages not within the parameters of their partial block

Use case 1 — success

If a user is PB'd from a page they cannot patrol edits on that page

Use case 2 — failure

If a user is not PB'd from a page, they are prohibited from marking any edit on any page as patrolled. Please fix this defect.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 9.38.33 AM.png (895×1 px, 312 KB)

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On Italian Wikipedia, Patrol is available for confirmed users:

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Works as expected on thegoodplace test wiki, as of yesterday.