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Move Categories and Participants filters from Event page to Event Setup page
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As part of the expansion of Grant Metrics into Event Metrics, we plan to add a lot of metrics to the main event data screen. To make room for this and establish the Event Setup page as the one location for establishing and editing event settings, we will move the Categories and Participants tools from the Event page to the Event Settings page.

T206483 shows the proposed design and workflow for the Event Settings page. This ticket tracks only the move of the Participants and Categories filters to that page, and their incorporation into that workflow. It assumes that the "Interim" changes specified in T209107 have been made.

Event Timeline

@jmatazzoni Is this ticket still relevant?

Yes, it's a Release II ticket, though. The real forcing issue here is the desire to present all the new metrics on the redesigned Event Summary page. That is not strictly necessary—we could reason that the downloadable reports are all that matter. But I've talked about it with Moriel and Danny and they agree the redesigned page is still worth doing. Getting all those metrics is the hard part; displaying them on the page is not a big deal, though it does entail this move. And that redesigned page will surely be the new face of Event Metrics, demonstrating its depth.

I'm closing this as Invalid: the move of these filters to Settings will simply be a part of the tasks to redesign both pages, so no separate task exists for that.