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Phabricator project for an extension LangCodeOverride
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I have started to code a small extension to override the language codes for the entries in the sidebar, ie to solve the "no" language code problem. It is only tracked by a single task T209089, but it would probably be cleaner to be able to refer to a project entry.

Event Timeline states that the code is located at and that page already offers an "Issues" tab for tracking related tasks.

I strongly believe that tasks and feature requests shall not be reported in two separate places to avoid wasting users and developers duplicated time (and I less strongly believe that the code should preferably reside in Wikimedia Gerrit).

(Feel free to unassign once sorted out; thanks!)

@jeblad Try Gerrit/New repositories/Requests if you aim that this extension should be used by WMF sites?

Re T209231#4749586: No, I'm not going to move this to Gerrit for now.

jeblad removed jeblad as the assignee of this task.