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Welcome notice should use a different icon
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Currently it uses 'notice'. It should be considered to use something more welcoming.

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Volker_E created this task.Nov 12 2018, 1:46 AM
Restricted Application added a project: Growth-Team. · View Herald TranscriptNov 12 2018, 1:46 AM
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That's the placeholder icon for when the site icon is not configured. It's meant to use the logo of the wiki. It can be configured by setting $wgEchoNotificationIcons['site']['url']. See here and here for how it's set in WMF production.

If you want TranslateWiki to have a nice welcome icon, you should tag this with and ask them to set this config setting. If you want the fallback for the welcome icon to be nicer, I'd be happy to incorporate a nicer icon if you design one (or someone else does).

RHo added a subscriber: RHo.Nov 13 2018, 7:45 PM

Just quickly created an icon using the TWN logo since that seems to be the format.
Created in 20x20 and 30x30px in color (their logo colors), grayscale (WMF colors) and mono (single WMF color) to select from depending on what the convention is for showing site logo icons on Echo:

SBisson added subscribers: Nikerabbit, SBisson.

@Nikerabbit Is this important for you or the TWN community? If so, could you make the config change described above, or let me know where I can do it?

There is a TranslatewikiSettings.php in the translatewiki repository.

I guess I should do the change, as I need to upload the files to suitable location first.