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Edit filter log: add a suppress option on the examine changes page
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Currently oversighters after examining an edit filter log entry individually that needs suppression have to go back to the log page they were viewing and load a separate page to suppress that log entry. It would be much better if there was a direct link/button on the "examine individual changes" page to suppress the details of that log entry.

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@Thryduulf We already have such button (which is actually a link): if you head for instance to this entry, at the end of the top line there is

(examine | adjust visibility)

Clicking "adjust visibility" will let you oversight the entry you were examinating.

The page you link to is the "details" of the filter, the one I refer to is the "examine" which does not, e.g. for the same edit.

@Thryduulf Ah, that's a totally different thing. The /examine interface doesn't really contain a reference to the log entry itself, and thus it's also missing a link for oversighting it. The real point here is T20655. Currently, "details" is the one focused on the entry itself and all the variables, while "examine" is almost entry-independent (if two filters catch the same edit, "examine" is the same for both entries) and is more meant to do some testing with an arbitrary pattern, which may or may not be the one of the triggered filter. I don't know if I explained properly, but the point is that "examine" is in place only to allow people take the variables from a logged abusefilter hit, and do whatever they want with them, disregarding the entry. It may sound funny, but the problem reported is more or less a feature. My suggestion as filter maintainer is to use "details" in these cases, while for the future we'll see in T20655.

Yes, now I've learned that "details" has the suppression link I'll certainly be using that - I'm still learning my way around the log to a certain extent!
I've subscribed to T20655 as well.