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Permit routing from eqiad1-r instances to labnet1001
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In order to support some intermittent states during the migration between regions we need VMs in eqiad1-r to be able to talk to the nova API in eqiad.

In particular, our shinken host is now in eqiad1-r and it needs to know about all VMs in both regions.

Shinken-02 is on and the nova api in eqiad runs on labnet1001.eqiad.wmnet.

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2018-11-13T22:24:45Z] <XioNoX> add term labnet-nova-api to cloud-in4 on cr1/2-eqiad - T209424

Pushed to cr1/2-eqiad

[edit firewall family inet filter cloud-in4]
+      term labnet-nova-api {
+          from {
+              destination-address {
+                  /* labnet1001 */
+        ;
+              }
+              protocol tcp;
+              destination-port 8774;
+          }
+          then accept;
+      }