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Cursor moves to the beginning/end of a table when clicking to the left/right of it
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Cursor moves to the beginning/end of a table when clicking to the left/right of it. It is easy to do accidentally (e.g. when trying to click on the row context to add a row to the table) and very confusing for large tables.

I am trying to add a row to the Queensland table in for the newly erected Big Melon of Chinchilla (a true editing story).

So I start up the Visual Editor. As the table is alphabetially ordered by thing (Melon in this case), I scroll down to get to the entry "Big Meat Ant" in the table in the Queensland section. As I need it to give me the popup to enable me to create a new row below it, I double click on the Big Meat Ant cell and the cell is highlighted and the "arrow" appears on the left of the row giving me access to the "add row below" function. If I click that arrow, all is well. But if I just miss the arrow when I click by being a bit to the left, I get taken to start of table. That's both very annoying but reproducible.

Sometimes when I try to click the arrow, I get dropped out of the Visual Editor completely, but at this moment I can't reliably reproduce that behaviour but it happens often enough that I'm not imagining it.

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@Kerry_Raymond Thanks for the report. I added a video of the bug to make it easier to understand.

This seemed easy to fix (we should be able to detect the selection moving from inside the table to directly outside of it), but I couldn't get it to work reliably, and I can't really spend more time than a few hours on this right now. Cursoring around tables is wonky. Hopefully we will revisit this in the future. Incomplete patch: F27527601

It seems to be part of a broader problem with clicking to the left of the article "rectangle". Yesterday I was trying to paste text at the start of a paragraph and the the paste kept getting added to the start of the article. The extent of the area you can click to place your cursor at the start of a line requires the user to be super-precise. If you miss the area (which of course is not displayed online so pretty easy to get it wrong!), the focus goes north (start of article, start of section?).

@Kerry_Raymond You're right, something is seriously wrong with the placement of the caret (text cursor) when clicking in the "gutter" area of the page. But I can only reproduce that problem when using Chrome – other browsers (e.g. Firefox) don't have that issue, but do have the issue with tables. I filed a separate task: T211961